What is Cross Joint?

  If you are wondering what the cross joint is and where it is used, you can benefit from our article. In automobiles, the mechanical part that connects the differential and the gearbox is called the cardan shaft, also known as the shaft shaft. The cross joint is also used in the shaft shaft. Its task is to connect the shafts designed to rotate in two different axes and transmit the motion to another mechanical part. It also facilitates the transmission of motion by connecting the shafts at an angle while connecting them. In automobiles, the output shafts of the gearbox and the shaft must be connected to each other. Thanks to this, the vehicle can operate properly and move forward. The cross joint connects these output shafts and the shaft. What Does the Cross Joint Do? Many vehicle users wonder what the cross joint is for. The cross joint connects the shaft and the output shafts of the gearbox in automobiles. In this way, the angle between the rear part and the gearbox can